What's that you ask?

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems have been the biggest breakthrough in fire protection in the last 10 years. Fire sprinklers are the most effective method of protecting lives and property. Sprinkler systems are now recognized as being so effective they are being made mandatory in many situations. Don't hold off on protecting your business and family from the loss accompanied with fires!

Trusted, honest and effective. Let us help you protect what means most to you. With our team of professionals and years of experience you will be in good hands. We will get the job done right the first time and provide you with the latest and best fire protection.

No, they won't. These devices detect a fire - they do not put it out! You significantly increase your odds of escaping with your life with these devices. Sadly, it is estimated that fourteen per cent of smoke alarms fail to operate correctly in case of a fire. Home fires often happen at night when people are sleeping. In less than five minutes a room can become engulfed in flames before anyone awakes or has time to evacuate. Most deaths occur within five minutes of a fire breaking out.

One child under the age of five dies each week as a result of fire. The elderly and disabled are the other major risk category. They are often unable to make a safe escape even if they hear the smoke alarm. Also, studies now show that the property damage in structures with sprinklers is approximately one tenth of that in structures without sprinklers. Simply stated, you are likely to suffer ten times the property damage in a building without sprinklers.

Naturally the costs vary per installation. A fire sprinkler is also an investment - in the safety of what you value most - your family and your home. You can also expect to get a discount on your insurance premium - typically in the range of 15% for home installations. Please Contact us for a quote.

A sprinkler system should only be installed by professionally trained sprinkler fitters. Anderson Fire Protection is one of the GTA's best, and our installation process ensures the highest effectiveness using todays standards to get the fire out. By installing a sprinkler system you will have the most effective fire protection in your own business or home.