Fire protection of the future is here!

FirePro® is new and innovative, used for a wide range of applications, it out performs traditional fire extinguishing methods and is safe to use. Check out our large range of products available for small and large applications.

FirePro® Can be used in human presence in designed concentration and with proper precautions No damage caused Friendly to environment It is ozone friendly It is a Green Product
Foam and Water Human protection necessary when used in fixed systems. May be corrosive due to large water concentration Residue is harmful to delicate electronics Residue can be difficult to dispose of and foam can be poisonous
Water Generally not dangerous to humans when fighting fire Can cause extensive damage to property Can release harmful fumes and substances on extinguishment
CO2 Highly dangerous to humans in fire fighting concentrations. Cooling effect causes condensation mist harmful to electronics In general more CO2 is released from other sources
Inert gases May lead to inadequate oxygen supply to the brain when used alone No damage caused Naturally occurring components that do not pose a threat
Halon Can be used in human presence but has been banned. No damage caused Harmful to the environment